House Cleaning FAQ’s

Consider These Important Questions When Selecting a House Cleaning Service and Avoid Problems.

1. Who is responsible for paying employment and social security taxes for whomever you hire?
*Our employees are all English speaking W2 Wage Earners and Class Act Maid Service is responsible for all applicable state and federal taxes under the law.

2. Who’s liable for an injury to a person who cleans your home?

*All Class Act Maid Service employees are covered under North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law

3. Is the homecleaner an employee rather than an independent contractor?
*All of our people are employees of Class Act Maid Service

4. Is your homecleaner licensed and bonded?

*Class Act Maid Service is fully licensed, bonded and insured.

5. In the event of damage to your home, contents, or property, who is responsible?
*Should one of our homecleaners happen to cause any damage to your home or property Class Act Maid Service would be responsible.

6. Is there someone supervising the work being done in your home?

*Most of our cleaning services are performed by a single, well trained and responsible homecleaner. In the event that we have a 2 person crew working in your home, one of them will be a senior employee and considered the onsite supervisor. Of course the owners of Class Act maid service are also available during business hours should any immediate need arise.

7. Is there a “backup” system to take care of your home if a specific individual is absent on your cleaning day?

*We assign a specific employee to be your regular homecleaner so that they become familiar with you and your particular needs. In the event that person is not available we will send another experienced homecleaner that will be briefed on the unique details of your cleaning service.

8. Who provides your cleaning supplies or equipment?
*We provide all the supplies and equipment that will be needed to clean your home.

9. Will the person you employ bring uninsured assistants or family members to help clean your home?
*Absolutely not! All of our employees are screened and uniformed with the Class Act logo.