Cleaning Services

Raleigh House Cleaning Services

Remember, we tailor our Raleigh House Cleaning Services to your specific needs and budget by assigning a professionally trained maid/house cleaner to your home. All equipment and supplies are provided you need nothing!

We don’t offer gimmicks like “Periodic Deep Cleans” or “20 Some Step Super Duper Cleaning System” or “Pay By the Hour for What You Want”.

Our personal review with you determines what we do based on your requirements and then…

We Do It! – Pure and Simple

* All floors including hardwoods are hand washed and dried.
* Mini-blinds are dusted or washed
* Bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized entirely, including soap film removal and mold control in grouting.
* Kitchen areas including appliances, counters, and floors are cleaned and sanitized.
* Vacuuming all carpeted areas as well as steps and upholstered furniture is routine.
* Dusting of baseboards, window ledges, sills and other wood surfaces.

Raleigh House Cleaning ServicesWe also provide Interior & Exterior Widow Washing and Full Carpet Cleaning Service.

Best of all We Require NO Contract! So you have no long term obligation.

We are here to help and assist you, so all we ask is the opportunity to learn how to serve you best. Contact us today!